THE+RADIO DAB+ is compact and intuitive to use. It features Digital Audio Broadcasting technology. It is ideal for rooms large or small, in formal or casual homes. It’s easy to position by the bed, on the desk in a study, in a bathroom, or a kitchen work surface, making it the perfect design accessory for the home environment. It is designed to be ‘living-friendly’, for countries with DAB+ technology.

Elegantly designed in a range of complementary colours, THE+RADIO DAB+ will enhance any room with its superior sound and style. Choose from 4 classic hues from our THE+RADIO DAB+ Timeless Collection.

Universal access to its superior audio design is guaranteed through DAB+ and FM radio and easy wireless connection to smartphones and tablets. Plug in further audio sources and connect headphones via convenient front-mounted mini-jack connectors. At the rear, a further mini-jack audio input is joined by a 12V power input to allow THE+RADIO DAB+ to travel in cars and boats.

It also comes with a USB Port, a remote control and an alarm – making it a must-have for the modern lifestyle.

There’s also an output for a matching speaker, supplied separately, which transforms THE+RADIO DAB+ from an incomparably elegant mono system to a wider-ranging stereo design. In these significant ways, THE+RADIO DAB+ adds up to more than just a radio.

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DAB white dark background
Remote Holder The+Radio Dab+
Radio Dab+ in the kitchen