Elegantly designed in a range of complementary colours, THE+RADIO will enhance any room with its superior sound and style. Because it is compact, intuitive to use and easy to place in any room – from bedroom or study to kitchen or bathroom – THE+RADIO is the perfect design accessory for all home environments, both formal and casual. Unlike others, our radios offer optimum reception even without the need of ugly telescopic antennas. Most “design radios” cannot perform without a telescopic metal antenna

The FM tuner
An advanced tuner CHIP allows THE+RADIO to outperform all other analogue and most digital radios. Superior sensitivity means that no ugly antenna spoils the look of THE+RADIO.

The Amplifier section
The amplifier section is designed to achieve a very smooth frequency response, which rolls off below 60Hz to avoid overloading the driver. The system is engineered for hi-fi quality sound, with enough power to deliver music from FM, phones and tablets, without audible distortion.

The full range driver
We have developed a small but sophisticated full-range long-throw driver, equipped with an ultra-light paper cone and integral dome for the high frequencies. The diameter of the cone helps to achieve a very uniform dispersion across the frequency spectrum.

The power supply section
THE+RADIO’s power supply section includes a highly specified transformer, which ensures clear, undistorted bass frequency reproduction.

The cabinet structure
THE+RADIO’s cabinet is made from multi-layer MDF to minimise resonances. It features a rear-firing port designed to avoid air turbulence, while producing strong and clean bass notes.

Our team of experienced listeners has dedicated many hours to the accurate voicing of THE+RADIO. Other compact sound systems based on full-range drivers will normally exhibit a strong peak in the mid-bass, making male voices sound too ‘fat’ and stripping clarity from female voices. We think our tuning has overcome the challenges of a small cabinet and driver size to deliver a good level of bass whilst producing clear and life-like sound.

The+Radio fm at home